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Visual identity of Nissan 2023 X Digital strategy

In 2023, we collaborated with Nissan to enhance their visual identity and digital strategy. Our team reinvented the design of Nissan's social media presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, creating a brand new visual identity and implementing fresh digital concepts. Our efforts aimed to attract a new audience while simultaneously boosting visibility among the existing one.


Social media & web


Nissan France



Image 04-04-2023 à 20.26.jpeg

With our creative implementation of interactive stories, reels, polls, and other digital tools, we successfully extended the potential of the Nissan brand to the maximum.

We were able to enhance the brand's visibility and increase its appeal to a wider audience. Through this approach, we created a more immersive and interactive experience for users, helping Nissan to establish a more robust and memorable online presence.

Image 04-04-2023 à 20.21.jpeg

We highlighted the significant changes we brought to the brand's online presence. Not only did we change the strategy itself, but we also transformed the way it looked and felt to the audience.

Image 04-04-2023 à 20.21 (1).jpeg
Image 04-04-2023 à 20.24.jpeg
Image 04-04-2023 à 20.25.jpeg
Image 04-04-2023 à 21.07.jpeg
Image 04-04-2023 à 20.23.jpeg
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