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Roland-Garros X Renault 

We devised a unique social media strategy for the first padel tournament at Roland Garros in 2022, incorporating the padel's slang word in stories, reels, and posts to educate and engage our audience. Through creative and entertaining content, we effectively communicated the event's highlights and generated excitement among fans.


Print, Digital & Web


Renault France




Our innovative Social Media strategy for the first Padel tournament at Roland Garros focused on introducing the French audience to new, intriguing slang words through social media targeting. 

By capitalizing on the excitement of Padel's debut in France, we successfully engaged our audience and differentiated ourselves from the competition.

Web & Mobile

Our successful digital campaign, utilizing digital strategies, resulted in over 10,000 likes and 2,000 new followers. By strategically targeting our audience with engaging content, we effectively increased brand awareness and audience engagement, leading to significant growth in our social media presence for Renault France.

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